Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Little Blueberry

Well - i'm pregnant!
I'm officially 7 2/3 weeks & my little one is the size of a Blueberry :)
We're sOOO happy & are reading every book we can & mag & website To make sure we know Anything we can to be prepared :)
Last week i bragged about not having any sickness, just some slight abdominal pain & hard to sleep - then this week BAM nausea & dizziness & HUNGer & headaches & restless muscles & peeing alll through the night & AHHHhhhh.... it's like if i felt this way in Normal/non-preg circumstances i would just take a day or so off & sleep & get better - but i'm not going to "get better" until HOPefully after my 1st trimester.. SO i come to work sad & tired & icky & miserable :(
I am sooooooo so ooooos osooooo Excited about baby & it's reassuring every time i feel icky or am uncomfortable But..... but that doesn't mean it's fun..
What iS fun is Grant taking care of me :)
ANd reading all the baby stuff too & reading To me & singing me to sleep so at least i get a few hours & not letting me help in the kitchen & making sure my water glass is always full...etc.
He's already drawn up plans for our changing table/storage cab & our Crib :)
I'm Very excited for the spare room to transform into nursery :)
My little Racer Family is growing! <3

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is an Oatmeal Diet real?

*First pic is G's Bday a week ago & Second pic is our Wed day - i See a Big Fat dif! Check out my Face! ieieieiee :(
On road trips & such i have been bored & so i wrote out what i wanted to be blogs (well i wrote 2) & i Still haven't ever posted them.. but i felt i couldn't post anything new until i posted those To keep it chronologically in order you see :)
... but it's just not gonna happen anytime soon so Here i go messing up the universe ;) One day i'll post them.

But today i felt like writing out how / documenting How In Love&Lucky I Am :)

Today at lunch i called my honey-boo-bear & told him i have seriously gained weight So much that i feel uncomfortable.. like you know how when you're full & your belly sticks out & you have to loosen your pants.. well my belly is always out like that & then when i eat it just gets bigger... and all i wanna wear are stretchy pants.
So i called to tell him it's gotten out of hand, i really enjoyed not paying attn to what i was eating & acting like a normal person - going to eat a hamburger 1 a mo or 2mo & not feeling guilty about it .... But ALAS look where that's gotten me! My Body sucks up fat from the dirt i walk on i swear!
I don't eat big portions or a lot of meat or fatty things & i Have been trying to eat baby-tiny meals throughout the day instead of 3 main meals, but it's no good... i've just been blowing up :( ... no more Regular foods.. i straight out have to diet.. boo :(

So i told him i'm going on an oatmeal diet.. (since that's all we have)
& YOu know the First thing he said!
" Is that healthy "
and you know the 2nd thing he said!
"I don't see any difference from when we were married"!
Can you Believe it! - i seriously have gained like 20-25 lbs since we were married and he hasn't noticed!
I was shocked!
L: " what do you mean you haven't noticed.. like when you hug me don't you feel a difference? when i lay down don't you see the dif....?"
G:"Nope, i mean if you say you gained 20 lbs that's some real evidence i guess, but otherwise i think it's in your head, you're a tiny little girl"

WOOOW! - amazing!
.... So from this i have learned that it's Very good for me to keep on top of my health/weight & make changes
But i Don't have to worry about feeling sexy or skiny or whatever for my poodlepie b/c he has this vision of me whenever he looks at me - and it doesn't change. I'm forever beautiful & 'little' in his eyes.... awesome :)
He just wants me to be healthy! hmm :)
I adore him :)

Happy Date Night everyone :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rustic Mood-y :)

So i want to be a stay-at-home photographer, but i don't really care about getting paid. .....

My Wishes:
To have enough $ to stay at home & not be using someone else's $/not getting into debt to do it So That i can practice photography & bike & be in plays & substitute teach & cook more... and in a year or so have kiddos to make me crazy & to play with me :)
I wish to intern with a big theater & have them love me & eventually make me a AD (assistant Director) & then star in a big produc - & this time put me in the program :) ( oh Lee .. everytime man! )
I wish to go to the gym everyday or if i miss a day to go do service for someone - physical work though like gardening or weeding or cleaning or organizing their house, or moving someone...
To babysit for others all the time - which would mean not being busy all day so that we're both not too tired to ..
To get grant to want a bazillion kids too :)
... and to be able to carve crayons into cool things...
Ahh wishes ...
Well P.S. today everyone at work is moody, But i'm perky cause i had a really really gReat lunch break with my hunnydoodle... :) I <3>
Happy Tuesday!
Mrs. Racer :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


*The clouds, captured by me from last Sat morn.. oh how i miss thee - break me away from white walls of endless containment oh glorious heavens!

so today my fave pandora station is beach boys radio - it's fantastic & it makes me sooo ready for this weekend

This week at work i have been .. not as productive as i'd hoped to be.. I get so crazy productive sometimes & get so much done & then i have days like today that are just.... blah....
My head is swimming with Medicare lingo & info & websites & faxes & Stuff i'm to do & what i'm already working on (always at least 3 things at once) and i FEEL LIKE MADME!
*So MADME in my job means MA DME = Massachusetts DME Medicaid service... But i say it like mad-me b/c that's what it is - well any medicaid is.
After dealing with it you Feel mad! not upset mad - like bonkers, mad.

And it's friday and i've reached my madme point.
I'm no good today - i tried drinking a coke which is rarely done - and i am thinking about taking have a no-doze (less caffeine than a cup of coffee) to amp me up to do something magical before it's time to go.. & i just might do it.

I have soooo much to do & i Have to look like superwomen & Shine in my job to show everyone up & be the bigshot! .. so far i have some competition...

Not to mention all i have to do after work - i get either so excited to get home & who cares how busy i am b/c i am busy With Grantypoo & so i don't even notice.. Or i know HOw much i have to do when i get home i don't wanna use up all my energy here!
Silly i know....
well.. off to work.... humph... i'll go do an enrollment or something...
OR i'll take that pill.....hmm - i know it's terrible... it's not like i'm a junkie - it's WAY better than having a energy drink with all the sugars & calories & sodium & crap! & it's like 1/2 or a 1/3 of the caffeine!
just a boost.....
well see...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Rock Around The Clock'

I love Family, Friends, & Easters!
This year was just lovely!
The weekend started out with Date Night Fri - stayed in & watched "Bright Star",
Sat - made Easter crafts with C/K (n/n), had General Conference, & Britters came over & we made yarn eggs & ate pizza :)
Sun - woke up early & painted the terrible powder blue dirty steps Brown & the shutters (they now match our porch chandeleir), decorated for supper, had GC with Mom, went to Easter Brunch with the Racers & a concert in their LR :), more GC, then had an Easter egg hunt for kids/adults, then the boys played horseshoes while they grilled meat, & the women chatted in the kitchen. C eventually switched from horseshoes to our remote control monster truck (he called it The Weed Eater), while K played in the hammock
- it was all very southern when I see it written - Then we ate under a little canopy in the backyard, which felt 'Alice in Wonderlandy' :D
After chatting for a bit - at about desert time :) - we moved to the front porch. First K played guitar for us then Grant did, & C danced in the the music room to his favorite record Bill Haley & The Comets - "Rock Around The Clock".
And they left me with a clean house! How bout that!
What a great Easter weekend - full of Love, Family, & Fun :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridays are for Funzies :)

So Busy Busy .. it's like i SO look foward to weekends & They're always Crazy! .... except Fridays... generally they are more a work day But i get to stay up late & that's why it's date night :D B/c Friday's are for Funzies :)
I Love How fun my husband is - he makes my life worthwhile & bright.

Though tonight for date night it's gonna feel like a weekend.. boo - i work with my trainer at 6 & then have girls night at 7.. so whenever i get out of the RUSH! i Rush right there & be late.. last time it lasted till midnight so i still always get plenty of time with them.

O Well.... My sillyhead hubby will be lonely & i will miss him... he'll be way asleep when i come home i'm sure :(
guess we'll try to do date night Sat with the colbster (my nephew) who's coming over after his Saturday school to play & spend the night.
... which reminds me - i must think of fun things to do with him - i'll have to perouse the Mtn.Express for ideas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St.Patty's Day is Pure Magic!

I LOVe love lOVE St.Pat's day! It is my favorite holiday & for Good Reason! I love corned beef & that you can eat it a gazillion different ways, I love that it's a holiday where being a Saint is the cool thing, I love the little Irish girls with super curly hair who dance & wear those adorable frilly skirt outfits, I love that any nationality can celebrate it but also that the white house dyes the fountain green - so really i'm being patriotic when i celebrate SP, I love that for one day a year leprachauns are Jolly instead of creepy (Muahaha), I love that once a year the Chicago River doesn't look gross - just Very Green!, I love that it's another excuse to put puppies in really cute costumes, I Love how creative people are with St.Pat costumes & parade floats, I love that you can wear everything you own that is green and call it a costume b/c it's SP day, I love parades!, I love SP b/c rainbows bring joy & are a reminder of springtime & leprachauns = SP time!, I love that it's one of the very few / the Only holiday old men feel fine dressing up for / getting in the mood to celebrate, I love that all year you store your decorations & then you get to put it out for 1 day & it's magical, b/c all the cartoons and childrens books are so out of the box - so original, I love that SP cards really never make any sense but are so fun, I love that it's so easy to celebrate it - you just make anything green or put dye in anything & Vola! Happy SP day!, I love that SP provides a great excuse to eat meat & cheese, I love that no matter what at least you have 1 lucky day every year, I love that my husband knows how much i love this holiday so he'll dress up like a leprachaun to make me happy, I love that 1 day a year you can ensure that you won't get pinched Simply by wearing something green, I love bagpipes, I love dancing, I love men in skirts and that then they know what it's like to get a stiff breeze up your hind end, I love celtic music, I love that SP is a completely peaceful day! ...... i could go on but i think you get it :)

2010 was definitely magical :) i took off work to prepare for the party - Grant & I decorated our little hearts out & i cooked my butt off - We had Corned beef & Rye Bread Cabbage wraps, Corned Beef Hash & Cabbage Pizza, Corned Beef Hash & Cabbage (traditional), Honey'd Boiled Cabbage, Irish Lamb Stew, Avacodo Hummus & Rye bread, Dill Pickles, & Aged Irish Cheddar&Sweet Carrot Green Salad.. and for Desert Jordoor brought us Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream!

We visited, ate, searched for the Pot of Gold that was hidden in our house by Grantypoo - Jessi found it & won a box of lucky charms & a pair of lime green socks like grant & i have (see pic above), then we watched Planet 51 (with the green aliens) while we ate green ice cream. Everyone had a lovely time & Will even came by all decked out in his cop gear :)
What a lovey night!
Hope Everyone else had a Magical holiday!
"St.Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic." ~ Adrienne Cook

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rainbows Are Clever!

So today in mid forum convo AB said "there is a rainbow" so naturally we all pop up from our cubicles & look out the windows - TM & I had to walk around to see out where the rainbow was & Boy was it Gorgeous & Huge & it ended right where Wendy's was, right down the road a tiny bit.. .. so it was a sign... we all had to have frostys today -

- So TM came back after lunch with Frosty Jrs for all! We'd all forgotten about it! What a magical surpise!
Those Rainbows are so clever - hope next time it ends at the gym.... :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love mY HUSBAND! I love that we are so much alike & that he is smart enough to agree with me honestly & that he is so thoughtful & loving & That he has such a love of the gospel & such a testimony & I AM SO EXCITED To have a Family with him... one day ... in a year or so :) haha - I selfish right now & just want him all to myself RRAH! :D

*He was inspired by the bank manager from "Yes Man" .. so Cute :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So i Love our Country! I love that i'm proud of my President and that i know he's doing everything he can to make our country better for US! :) [Pun intended] It's so refreshing to listen to him and know he's on our side and that he truly thinks about all the details and he's humble enough to take on constructive criticism and even lots of non-constructive criticism and pull the constructiveness [if there is any] out of it :) ahha [it makes sense in my head :) ]

God has blessed and is blessing America - we just need to remember to Work Together - as Obama reiterated Several times - we are a Team! we are supPosed to be UNITED! Let's do it

If you didn't get a chance to see it live yest i've posted the written speach and at also the Video from YouTube.
I think it's very important to listen to his words from a personal point of view & block out the commentary - what did YOU get from it?
To avoid the commentary Grant & i watched it on CSPAN - no commercials, just right :)

Yay America! Yay Plans! Yay Unity!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Today we got a Sneak Peak! Last weekend Grant & I got our pictures taken by Destinee Blau - our friend from the Central Branch. She's wonderful and we had such fun!
We've decided that every year near our anniversary we are going to get family photos done - this year it's just us :)
Even though i'm Lauren so i find fault in like every picture of me I Do acTually like all of these! How about that! I especially love Grant in ALL of them! I wasn't kidding about that he looks like a model! THose EYES! IEIEIE! :D
Enjoy :)

We can't wait to see all of them sometime next week :)

This is destinee's fave :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Keep My Sanity

Case & Point: These pictures over the years reflect my periodic bordem with my everyday duties... i love the people i work with and that i have a job & especially that i know what i'm doing (makes ya makes ya feel good - when you're a Medicare know-it-all) BUT To PrevENT brain decay and robot like symptoms along with drooling and seizers I Have To DO SOmething Else every couple of hours :D
Seriously everyone does it: some smoke, some pee a LOT, some chat, some.. uh hem... Facebook/Blog stalk and now BLOG! Hooray!
So here i am, a bloggin'.. all while in my lullaby haze thanks to my adoring/loving/ridiculously model-like handsome husband :)